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Posts from the Past: Finally, the fair

Do you remember back in the 70s when I promised to post pictures of the 4-H County Fair? At long last, here they are.

Now why in the interwebs would this possibly be a pinnacle in our lives? Easy -- we live in the middle of four gajillion people, most of whom think animals come in the form of pigeon, squirrel and ferret, which happens to be a bizarre designer hybrid of pigeon and squirrel designed to make single women and strange comic-book memorizing apartment dwelling men in their 20s happy.

And why must I insist, even after all this time, taking up your precious blog reading "coffee break" to post pictures of basically a giant barnyard? Also easy -- my kid's in them. And he's freaking adorable, dude. Especially in the cowboy hat, especially since he actually looks natural amongst the fur and the feathers and the yee-hawing. Maybe that boy ain't so city after all, y'allses.

So indulge along with me, friends. I give you the County Fair:


He told me if he wore his cowboy hat someone might let him drive one of the tractors. OK, maybe he didn't drive the tractors, but at least he got his ride on.


Goats are cute. Sort of like toddlers with horns. Or puppies with hooves.


This goat has a coat on. I kid you not. I know she probably just got sheared but it was like 85 degrees outside and close to a thousand inside the barns. Ninny.


This is Cook & Belle, the band that played (you must check out their website). They were (gulp) good. Seriously, they rocked those four grannies in the front row for hours. We had so much fun watching them, especially their son Seth who, right there in the main 4-H digs, filled up the place with his It Factor. Stop laughing. He was good. And Lil E...


...he was overtaken by this kid and his Jackson Five medley. I snapped this after I whispered to Lil E, "Would you like to be up on stage like that someday?"

Lil E could only muster a nod. See? All that American Idoling in the living room with baseball tees as microphone stands and golf clubs as guitars really does speak to his big soul.


Clearly, my mom is just as taken with the boy performer. Here he sits down and sings to her. Try to ignore the empty ampitheater in the background.It's rural Indiana, people, and the folks have ducks to tend to.


Post fair exhaustion in the hammock.

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Reader Comments (3)

looks like a great time. I kid you not the Fair is the best week of the summer up here! Greasy food, great fun and l-o-n-g naps each afternoon! Thanks for the fun pics!
August 2, 2007 | Unregistered Commenter2Jmama
The goat has a coat on because the child has already bathed it and doesn't want it to get all dirty again before he/she shows it. I know I am a dork because I live in the country and know these things!
August 2, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterRose
Rose, I'm glad you posted that b/c I was going to follow up with a second post explaining it, too. Another country dork, here! :)
August 2, 2007 | Unregistered Commenter2Jmama

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