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Welcome to a new (and way sassier) Sassafrass!

We all have to take a long and honest look in the mirror every once in a while and get real with ourselves that the jeans we wear every day are comfy but a decade past cute (farewell, jeggings), and that the adorable hairstyle we've had since college is no longer adorable (sorry, scrunchies and pink pokey-plastic curlers). 

The time came when I needed to do the same service for Sassafrass. She was looking very pink but no longer had the sass of her younger self. It was time to shed the strange columns and scads of categories and give that bad girl her vim and vigor back. 

Thankfully, the amazingly talented, patient and insightful Schmutzie/Elan Morgan/Ninjamatics stepped in, and not only gently pushed this project along, but also turned my hand-waving, crazy-eyed, supermodel dreams and crafted them into...well, look at this beauty! 

Sassafrass is streamlined and has a search function (hello, year 2000), so it is easier to find the posts you have previously spent hours hunting for here. And if you peek to the right side of your screen (yup, right there ---->), you will see the perfect little spot to enter in your email address to get updates when I've written something new, brilliant or about you (maybe all three)!

Please check out my Sassy Guides to Single Motherhood and Divorce.

Press play on my videos. 

And do peruse the very best posts of all time (or at least that's what my mom says).

Take a step back with me, please, and take in the loveliness. Sassafrass, spin yourself around, darling, and shake that new and gorgeous screen at the world!



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Reader Comments (2)

Looks great. I look forward to checking out more the next time I come back. Love the logo.

May 26, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTiffany

Love the new look! I'm raising my virtual glass of champagne right now in a toast to you and Schmutzie and many good things to come!

May 26, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLindsay Ferrier

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