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Not red. Not yellow. Not a weird grayish-green

Roses from dHe's a little bit color blind, the Not Boyfriend, mostly skewing the colors in my closet. Reds and blues are skewed for him, and I tease him about seeing completely through what I'm wearing.

But you'd never know he sees burgandy or purple or some weird grayish-green by these beautiful roses. He got my favorite color just right today. 

We are all a little color blind, I suppose. By our crazy lives and stress and things that came before. What we see may not always be there, may not be true, may not be as sure as we think. But through that cloud, there is the outline of someone. Someone who is true and vibrant and right there. Someone who is flawed but still saturated in their own colors.

And today, I felt like that person. And it was brilliant.

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