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Friday Shoegasm: Why you should be thinking boots, not sandals, right now

It's really difficult with the sun shining down to 60-degree temps and Daylight Saving Time in a few days and the call of the cruise/camping trip/excursion to your friend's aunt's cottage in eastern Indiana to resist stocking up on sandals that scream to the world you are so ready for summer. Or at least spring. 

But it's not time to throw money at cute cork wedge heels or espadrilles or even fancy flip-flops just yet, no matter what all those sales emails and catalogs and deals of the day say.

It is really time to embrace winter for just a few days more and buy boots. Not only are boots on sale right now, you won't have to worry about gunking them up with slushy snow or street salt. 

Although I adore boots and will wear them until my feet are so sweaty inside them that I can leap right out of them into open-toed heels, getting a new pair wasn't even on my list of things to do while I am waiting to pack my sleeping-back down coat away. Until yesterday when my mom and I made a run to Nordstrom Rack to return a pair of boots she bought me for Christmas (no time like three months later!). 

Of course, the aisles were full of sandals and formal footwear that you will wear once to your college friend's wedding and then ditch forevermore because they are tequila-stained/heinously uncomfortable blister-inducers/make you obnoxiously taller than your date/lost in your car somewhere/all of the above. But there was also a great selection of boots at awesome prices.

Sure, I was tempted by these babies.


Alas, my sheer knee-highs are in the wash and the next, most-awesome Halloween party for adults I will likely be invited to is a long, long time off.


But what I ended up trading in the boots (a boho Pocahantes pair of feet-squeezers) for these beauties.


They are Enzo Angiolini (love that brand, not even handed buckets of cash to say it) Karissa boot in a pebbled coffee-and-cream-colored leather (the tan is also delicious).


The 3-1/2" gives me the boost I want without being too hooker-like for daily drop-off at the old elementary school and still styley enough that I will definitely wear them out on a girls' excursion.


Also? Comfy. Not kidding.


And? Unobtrusive treads are barely visible and mean I don't clonk-clonk-CLONK around as much as usual (you're welcome, neighbors). 


Today, I am taking a style tip from Meagan Francis and throwing them over leggings and a flippy little dress (to super-skinny gals)/tunic top (to me).


But I will also wear them barelegged with dresses as the weather warms, before my sandals demand all my tootsies' attention.


Delightful for right now and even better for next fall and winter. Oh, and only $75 on sale. FOR ENZOS (I know). 



Here are a couple of other deals I would have taken if there was more room in my boot box to stock up:

 I am in love with Frye boots, and am crushing pretty hard on this Mimi Scrunch style, in part because they are $120 off. That savings can fund another pair of boots, kittens! Think of it. While you're walking tall in these girls. On Piperlime, $229 (and worth every single cent).


I am a big fan of Franco Sarto shoes and would even be willing to wear flats made by that delicious Italian. Marked down nearly a hundred dollars (ringing in at a sale price of $99), you will be extra happy to find these gorgeous riding boots when the season turns cold again next week/next autumn. 

You all know well that I am late and hesitant in coming to the UGG love. But there I was yesterday at Nordstrom Rack and ooh-ing and ahh-ing over how much wearing these boots felt like walking upon a cloud spun of sugar and air. The photo does not do them justice, but, man do they look sweet on. Also, the ones you order shouldn't have a giant ballpoint pen mark across the top like the ones at the Rack (which is why I opted out). These are suede and will call to your sweaters to join them in winter cute-casual fun. $187 on sale, down from $350.



I've been wearing a lot of dresses this winter-ish with black tights and booties. Sometimes I get really crazy and add patterned tights (what?!). I think a great pair of booties in black or chocolate or whatever color is your go-to is a great investment, even if you are a lady who only wears jeans or fancy pants. If I can only take one pair of shoes for a weekend trip (ohmahgaw, the horror), then I'd choose these because I can use them to dress up or down and outfit. These by Guess are $84, down from $139. These are on my list but for now, I am totally, unashamedly wearing a pair I picked up on sale at Target (yes, you've got it...) last spring for $20.

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Reader Comments (6)

The ones you got are awesome! I think the Frye's might need to come home with me.
March 9, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAmie aka MammaLoves
Amie, yes! You will wear those Frye boots forever and ever and ever. And always look smokin.
Oh my God, Jessica. Reading this abundance of stylish fabulousness, I feel like I'm about as feminine as...a dude. I need to kick it up a few notches, my friend. But hey, I DID wear lipstick today, so that's something. Progress!
Lipstick first! Hot booooots second!

Oooh!!! I want to see more of you in that flippy little dressy-tunick-y thing!

I love boots so much. they are the only thing I'll miss about winter.
Oh my God, Jessica. Reading this abundance of stylish fabulousness, I feel like I'm about as feminine as...a dude. I need to kick it up a few notches, my friend. But hey, I DID wear lipstick today, so that's something. Progress!
April 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAdidas M Attitude Logo

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