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New favorite places: City Provisions

I've been meaning to stop in for ages, and last weekend, in between errands and a manicure and lady-talk with another single mama friend, I finally made it to City Provisions Deli. 

It sits on Wilson at Ravenswood, very close to where I once devoured fried ice cream in the dark booths of Zephyr, in a space that is open and airy and full of light. There are big, heavy stripped down tables, counter service and plenty of smiley, knowledgeable staffers to deliver your food, tidy up after you and ask if you are having a wonderful day. 


I've heard the local beer, wine and spirits selection is divine. It was crowded in that spot, so I couldn't eye the Chicago-made vodka myself. But I wanted everything else that lined the shelves, especially the fig and mint preserves. 


I was there for lunch and, yes, the roast beef sandwich on the pretzel roll was tasty. But the homemade chips were to-die. I tried my hardest to be as healthy as possible (heirloom and cucumber salad) even though days later I am still wishing I dug into a pint of deliciousness instead (scotch ale and milk chocolate ice cream).


The lady-friend I met up with later raved on about City Provisions, too, but said it is just to spendy to eat there often. I can't comment on the menu pricing because, at that moment (six hours and two glasses of rose later), I realized I had never been given nor paid a bill. Oops. All the more reason to go back. This time, I promise to true up.

What's your favorite northside deli or little lunch spot?


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Reader Comments (2)

I have never posted before, but read your blog religiously. However, City Provisions is one of my favorite places right now! And, I've tried the ice cream - ale & chocolate - even better than it sounds!!! I also love Panes (by the Vic). The homemade bread keeps me coming back!
September 27, 2011 | Unregistered Commentermom2Lauren
You read it religiously?! I don't even post religiously. But wow...that made me teary. And made my day. I am so touched.

Also, we clearly need to be friends. Please bring your ice cream. And whatever's left of the bread.
September 29, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJessica Ashley (Sassafrass)

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