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7 women I can't wait to see at BlogHer

Girlsworldtee Last year, there was a big old Shine shabang at BlogHer and it was phenomenal to see the women lined up to share their own stories of transformation that became many, many inspirational videos for the You. Reinvented program. This year, I'll be there on my own -- no video crew, professional hosts, make-up artists and gorgeous white leather ottomans. As much as I will miss that spotlight shining down on dozens of women being filmed, I am so grateful to be fully present to meet up with women I know and only see a few times a year and to meet others for the very first time.

Here are the ladies who've made my checklist for BlogHer '11, just a few short hours away:

Mommyfriend's a sweetie-pie looking blond mama who really truly sang the words "punk ass trippin but it's alllllllllllriiiight" on a vlog post today. See now why we need to meet in person? Oh yeah, and when I texted her the first time, she sent me back a photo of a hot pair of red patent leather sandals and apologized profusely for her unpainted toes, which just means I will be running into her arms as soon as I spy her across the gigantor exhibit hall of squealing bloggy ladies.

Amy from Using Our Words is delightful, wise, and somehow wrangles two boys and baby girls with grace, laughter and enough time to actually leave comments on other bloggers' posts. Crazy, right? She is the mama with the good advice who isn't afraid to say screw it and host her own DIY daycamp in the backyard.

Lindsay from Suburban Turmoil and Clever Girl Cat from Wishbone Clover and I saw a lot of sites together in New Orleans a few months ago at Mom 2.0. But it was when Lindsay leaned her pretty-dress self over a pirate bar with lots of uh-uh-uh music and video poker machines blaring and politely ordered us "three Purple Voodoo drinks...with extra voodoo, please!" that the very corners of the love triangle were sealed. I am not sure how much voodoo exists in San Diego, but I am quite sure that if Cat, Lindsay and I are ever alone together on cobblestone streets, we shall find it and drink as much of it as we can possibly ingest (which in the case of the New Orleans grape booze slushy, totalled about an inch each).

Lia from Mama Starting Over. As it goes, some of us become single mamas in the time between blogging conferences. After heart-to-heart IMs, emailed check-ins, and advice poured back and forth on Facebook, I am really looking forward to giving my lady Lia a wink and a smile in person.

Karen from Chookooloonks is a woman on a mission and I am sure she will be incredibly busy at BlogHer. But I loved connecting with her when we sat on a panel together at Mom 2.0 so much that I will be very happy just to wave at her from my seat ten rows away at a session where she is undoubtedly speaking again. Some women just make you want to be better by being around and I do think Karen's one of those ladies.

Charlene from CrazedParent. OK, this is a cheat because Charlene's been one of my closest bloggy lady friends practically since the beginning of all blog time. Also, I had dinner with her a couple of months ago and we've been on a texting frenzy this whole week. But it has been two years since I was at a conference with Char, lots has happened for both of since then, and I know we will rile up something fabulous or hilarious or completely life-changing or all three while we're there together.

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Reader Comments (3)

So honored to be on this list! It's not stalking if I'm doing it back, right? (That's what I've been telling myself since joining FB years ago...) See you soon, my friend!
August 3, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAmy H
Oh girl, we have got to have a MOMENT in San Diego. Some how, some way...
August 3, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLindsay
Girlfriend, I'm so thrilled to meet you!
August 3, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMommyfriend

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