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This is his song

Carnage This is all that's left. The carnage if a 6-1/2-year old boy in a bath. It appears to be a dead deck-hand pirate, a plastic bat and a rubber chicken. But what's also left behind are the notes still hanging in the air, the ones sung by a small boy with Eric Estrada hair and unidentifiable gunk under his strangely rounded toenails. The song he sang, in the tub with these three toys (is it ever justifiable to refer to a rubber chicken as a plaything, I ask you?), was a medley.

What music did he combine to create the perfect soundtrack for Dougie Dougie, the apparently slain pirate, to swim alongside the nocturnal fanged one and barnyard "toy"?

Not his beloved Black Eyed Peas. Not even The Bieb. Nary a Gaga lyric. No, not mama-imposed Missy Higgins or Death Cab for Cutie.

My boy, covered in bubbles, echoing off the marble tiles, belted out a medley of "Praise Ye The Lord" and CeeLo's "Forget You". Over and over and over. Until I forced handfuls of baby shampoo into his hair and snapped him back to the real world of...ummm, something from


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