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Friday Shoegasm: The return! Red shoes for spring

Friday Shoegasm is back! Oh, how I've missed talking tootsies with you!

I'll be honest, ladyfriends, I am not excited to peel off the over-the-knee boots I've been living in since September, or whenever winter officially starts in my city. I just love them. Alas, suede, sweat, and bare skin are a bad combination, especially when a big chunk of my paycheck is already divided between the esthetician and the cobbler.

To persuade (you have no idea how very much I wanted to type per-suede, but I promise I won't do that to you) myself to put the damn boots away already, I did something radical. That's right -- I bought new spring shoes. Somebody has to show some tough shoe love up in this joint.

I looked through pages and pages of adorable wedge shoes, trying to narrow the search. It was easy to nix those weird hiking boot-treads-peep toe-lace up things. It was also no problem to dismiss the booties embellished with chains and buckles and all other means of keeping your feet strapped in and unhappy. Although that brought my search down to a much more manageable 475 pairs of shoes, I really could not stop going to back to any pair that was red. (Remember these? Oh, I loved them. Oh, I could not justify the cost.I think the memory was lodged somewhere in my head.)


Once I realized that, it was easy to pick these sweet patent leather numbers with a real (REAL!) cork wedge (not painful!)  and tons of cushiness (see?!). Plus, like some kind of accessory divinity, I already have a red patent leather skinny belt I overwear. So it all works out.(These are Nine West Smooch, $79. Be sure to check out the black with a leopard wedge --- rrrowl.)


Since one pair's rarely enough and my sports doc made me promise I would spend less time in heels (hahahaha) and I am a little afraid of him (stop the laughing), I bought these square-toe ballet flats in red leather. The reviews promised they'd be comfortable (they are), true to size (no heel flippy-floppiness or blisters), and they're easy to tuck in my bag in case the aforementioned 4-inchers start to make the agony set in (or I run into my sports doc about town). (These are the Jessica Simpson Leve, avaialble in many colors with to-die lining, $59).

Don't mention this aloud in public, but I absolutely love having pretty flats to wear. And please don't spill that I've actually worn them often -- with both jeans and dresses and even out on one dinner date with the Not Boyfriend (shush it!). But I really feel like myself when I'm click-click-clicking around in the flashy patents. The round toe adds a vintagey feel to some pretty prissy outfits and the color makes me happy and seems to have awakened my same old wardrobe a bit.

So red it is for spring! At least on the happy feet. And strapped around the waist. Oh, and maybe lips. And what the hell, red on the giant ring, too.


What shoes -- or color -- are you centering on this spring?



A note on the credit card that paid for these shoes: It was mine. No freebies...well, just yet. But if anyone happens to have a gorgeous pair of size 8s, my color palette for spring could totally change with the flick of a stylus on the FedEx guy's weird little fake clipboard. For now, know that I really purchased these babies and really do love them. So if you show up somewhere and we both have them on, we can just squeal about how sassy and smart we are for having fabu shoes.

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Reader Comments (4)

I want yellow shoes. Or orange. Not sure why. Really? All I wear is black, gray or brown. I do have pewter flats with bling. Do those count?

LURVE Friday Shoegasm!
May 6, 2011 | Unregistered Commenteramy sue nathan
Wtf? How have I not visited your funny blog before? I love it!! I have the cutest Sam Edelman flats from last year (or possibly the year before) that I'm still wearing. (I live in the country, we have many fashion faux pas here including wearing shoes for longer than we should. You should be here when we all het dressed up. You've never seen so much polyester in one place.) Anyway, they are gorgeous ref with zebra toes. Love them. They make my feet happy.
Welcome! Welcome! And I cannot wait to see a post full of those shoe faux pas!
So cute! I already like you on FB and also get your posts on Google Reader. :)
December 17, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterHermes Bags Sale

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