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Friday shoe fail

FlipsRIP The time for sandal-wearing is short. I'm woman enough to admit that and shoe-whore enough to know that five minutes after I sniffle while packing up my favorite strappy heels, I will be luxuriating in a pair of buttery soft leather boots. Still, for the sake of my happy little nakey toes, I'm wearing the summer shoes as often and as long as I can.

Well, except for my favorite flip-flops. The ones I adore with the peacock feather stamped in silver across the top and the cushiony but thin sole. The ones I bucked up and paid more than I usually would for flip-flops because I was taking a fabulous vacation, during which I planned to be both fabulous and poolside for five days, and because I wanted to be simultaneously comfy and casual and pretty. The ones I wore regularly but not incessantly for one short summer before...before...

The anchor for the adorable little silver plastic strap snapped, leaving my favorite flip-flops irreparable, broken, flapped out for good.

Lil E suggested we had three options: glue, tape, staples.

I suggested writing a strongly word letter to Mr. Havaianas himself for dangly those tattoo-inspired slip-ons in front of me and then snatching the strap away just to make up for the many generic pairs I'd hastily thrown into my basket in a Walgreen's act of desperation. Or maybe there was some kind of flip-flop foundation who could field my complaint call. Possibly, a shoe first aid kit in the resort where we were staying.

It's not that I'm just disappointed that my spendy, cheap shoes barely outlived the $30 charge on my Macy's card. It's that I felt like more than my flip-flops faded. I felt like my summer had been ripped from my tan-lined feet, not just my sandals.

I haven't parted with the peacock pretties just yet. They're lying in state on my bedroom floor a few inches from the guilty and inadequate dislodged strap anchor. I look at them longingly every morning before I step over them to reach for one of my other fifteen pairs of summer shoes (don't judge me).

Hopefully, by next summer a new pair of flip-flops will fill the void that these have, barely halfway through September, already left on my heels and in my heart.

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