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Friday Shoegasm: Fall flats that are far from falling flat (or even flat at all)

Weitzmanflats I'm going to be wearing my sandals until it snows, but the truth is that it's about that time to start thinking about and investing in those shoes that will help you glide from the glorious summer months toward the days when you skid across ice and slush in an effort not to harm your most divine suede boots.

When it's warm, I wear a lot of dresses and wedge heels. But when fall hits, I dig out the jeans and close-cropped jackets and, once in a while, the flats.

Try not to gasp to loudly. Sometimes, even the most experienced shoe whores slide into flats. And when I say flats, I really mean lower heels. When I fly, I always have a pair of foldable real flats in my bag in case my toes go numb and my heels fall off and I have blisters the size of New Hampshire and I have 77 gates yet to walk. Let's be clear -- those are for emergencies. Maybe Saturdays. But mostly emergencies.

Flats for other days are two-inch heels or less. Blame it on my overly stretched arches and tapped out plantar-something muscles, but I'm just not comfortable getting down to my own real level very often.

It's shoes like these, featured today on RueLala, that make my heart flutter and dream of zipping up my favorite leather racer jacket and stepping breezily through crunchy leaves in the crisp autumn air. They are by Stuart Weitzman, maker of many a feminine boot and bootie and pump, and were a phenomenal deal on the shopping site for $149 (they normally retail for $325).

I say "were" because they are all sold out and, lovies, I cannot hunt them down anywhere. My trick of seeking out RueLaLa and iDeeli items after they've sold out on didn't work. A Google search and even stalking old standby shoe-shopping sites didn't come up with nary a red lacquer animal print wedge heel (to others)/flats (to me).

Even at a bargain price, I couldn't bring myself to pay $149 for these beautiful, shiny, growly good shoes. You can be sure that, even as I bare my toes for the weeks (or months) to come, I'll be hunting for these in their full Stuart Weitzman allure or in some knock-off sort-of heel Hail Mary.

Have you eyed your shoe for the fall?

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Reader Comments (1)

"And when I say flats, I really mean lower heels."Best line ever. When I say flats though, I mean shoes with zero-inch heels. And when I say heels, I mean like three-inches.
August 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterCailey

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