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Good weekend lovin'

It's crazy that the shortest month of the year feels like it lasted forever. I'm greeting this first weekend in March to myself, not quite like a lion and certainly not like a lamb, but by filling my days and evenings with things that feel really good.

That will involve sushi and wine with the Raunchy Mommies, sleeping in on Saturday and (please, someone tell the muscle fairies to make my hip and calf cooperate) a long afternoon run (do I dare dream of doing that outside?).

It will involve refilling my makeup drawer with essentials, making an appointment to finally get my hair a little more Joan Jett-ed that it has been lately and maybe even do a big, glorious purge of jeans and dresses that are getting a little too roomy (thanks, running). If I am ambitious, I might just spend a few gift cards I've had stuck in my wallet for a ridiculously long time.

I'd love to say that these lovely weekend days will also involve new shoes. But I've made a commitment to clear Lil E's closet of all the clothes that have been patiently waiting to go to a consignment shop (sorry, kid, but my only goal was to have them out of there by the time he needed to hang his hundred pairs of shredded skinny jeans and oversized hoodies) before I buy another pair. It's a valiant effort, I know, but that means I will be digging in the back of my own closet to shop (sigh) for a pair to resurrect for weekend evening delights.

I'll also be cranking up the music this weekend, as I do even when Lil E's around. While the kid can totally jam to much of the music I love, we inevitably end up on the Star Wars soundtrack. So while he's listening to that in his dad's car, I will be turning up some of my new favorite downloads.

In case you want to sing along, here's one I can't get out of my head by a band I've had on repeat for several weeks. I'm thinking this is the perfect song - mellow and still moving - for a few days that are all about being reveling in the happy time I have for myself.

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Reader Comments (2)

The Raunchy Mommies?! Look out.. Have a great time. I'll be running Saturday too. -Pippi
March 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterPippi
I actually got One EskimO stuck in my head a while back with Kandi, and then started listening to Amazing. I do have to mix these in with other songs, because most of their stuff starts to sound like it all repeats.
March 6, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTravis

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