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3 things to wrap up for yourself this Valentine's Day

TCloudladyhis year, I will be sweetly and quietly completely single.

OK, I won't
be that quiet. Although right now I am challenged to just "be" in my
singleness, I am actively seeking ways to delight in the quiet time to
make my way through a queue full of Netflix movies and seasons of shows
I missed when I was out with cute boys who kept me out way too late.

am focusing on training for a running relay and sometimes I even take
more than one bubble bath in a day. The stillness (well, not on the
treadmill, but definitely when I am huffing and puffing afterward, and
certainly in the tub) that has come in spending this time alone has
been good for me. And it has also made me appreciate the time I have
out, catching up with my girlfriends and taking off on a weekend

Don't get me wrong, I will be spoiled on Valentine's Day. By
myself, for myself.

Nothing lavish. Nothing budget-blowing. Nothing
life-changing. Nothing practical. Just something that will remind me
that I deserve to be delighted. I'm thinking about buying and wearing a
pair of saucy red knickers that no one else really needs to know about
to give me a thrill. Or maybe a big old gaudy cocktail ring to flash
when I'm tapping away at my laptop, working late at night. Perhaps a
new belly ring or lipstick or ridiculously small and adorable clutch
purse. Of course, I always accept shoes from myself with great
appreciation and bliss.

Would I love someone to celebrate romantically with this year? Oh
hell yes. But so far, the men have all come and gone (or have been
politely asked to exit stage left). I'm the one who is sticking around,
so I might as well invest in myself. And this VDay, myself wants
something pretty, preferably in red.

Here are three little things I suggest every single mama consider buying herself for the big day:

Anthropanties 1. Knickers that give you a little kick, even just to go to work, yoga or to preschool pick-up. I love these by Anthropologie -- saucy, sheer and...spendy (dammit). If you're on a budget, Target has some adorable undies that are inexpensive and will fit your booty and your bill. These tap pants have the same feel and are just under ten bucks.

Rufflepanties I feel especially sassy in ruffle panties (I suggest filling your top dresser drawer with pairs in many colors), like these in heart-stopping red. 

And if you want to take the ruffles you have up a notch, go for this raunchalicious petticoat. Who cares if you only parade it around for yourself while you do chores you otherwise dread or while you work up the courage to finally finish your online dating profile? I bet it will be the best $29 you've ever spent.

Lucy-b-leopard-panty Think panties have to be tiny? I beg to differ, darling. These high-waisted pin-up panties in ohhh-la-la see-through leopard fabric are the hotness. While your belly is breathing easy (OK, easier) in these, you can concentrate on cramming your boobs into the itty bitty matching bra.

Ring 2. Cocktail baubles that take the weight off that liberated ring finger.  This bold black glass ring is the antithesis of a diamond -- and isn't that the point. I will resist the urge to write relevant messages to exes and wearing it on my middle finger. Instead, I will envision myself looking mod and sophisticated whilst easing an olive from my dirty martini into my red lipsticked mouth with this capping off the whole scene. It's from Etsy and $25.

21ring Looking for something a bit less expensive but with the same brashness? I'm not ashamed to admit that some of my favorite (for the moment) jewelry (that lasts a few months...a very fun few months, but a few months nonetheless) is from Forever 21. Seriously, dolls. Their Bold Center Ring is comprised completely of cheap ass plastic but looks killer on. You can even bling it up a bit for the same price with this "diamond" and "lacquer" flower number. Best part? Each under five bucks. Oh, yes.

Locketring Want something sweeter? I also adore this vintage-inspired locket ring and advocate putting a picture of the true love you don't give nearly enough time and attention...yourself. Shhh, I won't tell anyone. I promise. $28.


 3. Luscious, luscious lips. I don't care where you are going or who you are seeing or even if you are sitting in front of a laptop at home alone all weekend, I think you should at least try to get a little lippy and see how it feels. My bet? Staring at the laptop screen or singing "Wheels on the Bus" will never be so glam. Do you need to wear it every single day? Of course not. Just paint it on when you really want to shake things up a bit. With lipstick? Of course. Honey, a red that works with your skin tone or a gloss that reflects the twinkle in your eyes will do wonders. Trust me.

I'm an over-accessorized child of the 80s, so clearly, I recommend this VIVA GLAM CYNDI shade of red by my very favorite cosmetic-maker, MAC. $14 bucks of she-bopping (ahem) grrrl fun.

Laura I am fond of lip stains on those days when I want to look like I've fussed over myself without actually fussing over myself. And let's be honest, the dark, dark colors make the goth-grrrl-wannabe emerge for just a few hours. For $20, this one by Laura Mercier is balmy, not chalky or flaky, and the pretty little compact will last a long time.

Sephora My purse is packed full of Sephora lip gloss in light, sparkly colors for those days when I need to go for more of a hint than a PA-DOW. At $10 each, you can choose a stand-by safety color and still go for something a little crazy like...ohhhh, Bronzed Beauty that is red with gold shimmer (get wild, grrrls!).

No one paid me in cash, 401(K) contributions, panties or Swiffers to give my opinion about these products. The reviews and receipts are all my own.

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Reader Comments (1)

Oh I just LOVE that you added panties that aren't itty bitty!!! I just had twins a few months ago and miss wearing "sexy" undies those may be the answer I've been looking for!
February 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJanene

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