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This is what a good friend looks like (in glasses)

Redglasses You know you have a soul-sister connection that reaches across these crazy, entangled interwebz when a friend joins you in posting embarrassing photos from the late 80s.

My grrrl BadKitty read my post on the red glasses I just bought and the ones I wore way back in the days of synth music and pinch-rolled jeans and didn't just let me dangle out here alone online with the people who publish photos of their stretchmarks and bunions for all the world to see.

Oh, no. She put up her own photo. And believe me, you must see it. If only to say, "Ohhhhh yeahhhh, I totally had a ruffle-necked shirt like that!" or to fondly remember the hours you spent caking on blue eyeliner and perfecting your flipped bangs with Dep gel (oh dear God, they still make it?) and the sizzle of a stupidly hot curling iron.

Today, I prefer to save my crayon-colored cosmetics for my nails rather than my eyelids (yes, this refers to the period of time in high school when I thought yellow, celery green and navy eyeshadow made me look like I was standing at the mic with Berlin and that my mother still refers to as the "bruised eyes under red glasses" period of time in my personal artistry). And the lovely and ever-stylish BadKitty encourages this (she is totally sporting fabulously dark green nail polish in that recent photo of us).

For who she is today and for how much we looked alike back in the day, I adore her. And I am so glad we've gotten this over with together and nobody has to flash a single stretch mark.

Who is with us? I dare you to reflect upon your own shameful glasses moments, complete with head-shaking pics.

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Reader Comments (2)

I'm so there w/the multi-shadowed eyes in high school, the crazy curling iron fried hair, and Aqua Net sprayed everywhere. Totally me. I figured I'd throw myself into the embarrassing 80's pics pool too. Why not? My son can laugh at me later.
January 28, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJennifer
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February 26, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterCoach Handbagsfor sale

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