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Friday shoegasm: More purple impracticalities

TeardropMJs Ohhhh, how I've missed my Friday shoegasms. It's not that they've stopped at my house. It's just that I've just been selfishly hoarding (or would that be whoreding in this case?) all to myself for weeks.

Confession: I buy shoes to make me feel better. Especially when I am stressed. Is this healthy? Probably not.

In fact, once a professor of mine told me that I might want to seek therapy for my retail dependency issues. Clearly, she was not aware of the long list of other issues I took into therapy every week that had took precedence over me stopping in the fancy lady shop  in between classes to visit a pair of granny boots I coveted back then. Perhaps I don't need to give the typical addict rationalization that she happened to be a very butch Women Studies professor who was quite happy in a pair of soft-soled men's dress shoes (which she pulled off brilliantly, mind you), and at the time I was spending approximately $11 on each pair of glorious shoe stress relievers, but I feel just as defensive about it all now as I did then. 

Maybe I don't need to type aloud that I can put on an outfit for the 400th time in a row, but feel like a brand new grrrl if I am wearing a new pair of shoes with it. It is very possible that I am exactly where the prof said I was all those years ago -- hobbling slowly toward a Peep Toe Anonymous meeting  in some ridiculously adorable shoes heels that are actively stripping away the ball of my foot with every step I take (wait...that's not what PTA stands for?) -- but sometimes the tension emanating from my laptop truly does dissipate, if only momentarily, if I look down and see an amazing pair of buttery leather boots stretched out beyond my knees. 

Why do I tell you all this now? Because I've been under a bit of stress lately. Although I've been running off as much of it as I can, I've felt the twinge to add a few pairs to the collection that spills from my closet to a shoe rack on my door to piles of boxes on my bedroom floor.

I haven't clicked PURCHASE on the shoes that have been privately giving me thrills over the past few weeks -- not yet at least. But I have been clicking on their bookmarked pages over and over again, trying to find justification for events that call for these specific shoes. Really, though, I think I may just want a respite from the stress, the insane schedules, the snow. A pretty, pretty respite.

If it is true that buying something you love can ease your burdens, then I am quite sure these purple suede Mary Janes with sweet little teardrop cutouts and pa-dow platforms will do the trick. You already know that I have a thing for purple suede, so not practical in Chicago (just curious...who in the world decided we should combine a winter fabric with half the foot hanging out?) but still so tempting.

They are not a million dollars but they would not be worn often. They would require some upkeep and careful sidestepping around slush puddles and my after-holidays budget, but they might just become a lovely little investment in my sanity and de-stressing.

Right? Raise your hand (for just a quick sec so you can get back to buckling your own tiny straps) if you care to co-dependently contribute to my habit. I mean happiness.

Seriously, do it. Do it now.

These babies are by Nine West and on sale now at Piperlime for just under 70 bucks, just under 40 if you are desirous of black suede.

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Reader Comments (6)

whoa, i swear a coworker of my girlfriend's just gave her that exact same shoe for Abbe to make a mini skirt for
January 15, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterfuriousball

Abbe makes clothes to match shoes?! I just fell a little more in l

Sent from my iPhoneove with her.
January 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJessica Ashley
How did I not know you had shoes on Friday? I have shoes on Fridays!
January 15, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterjodifur
I bought those shoes. Love em...
I get complements all the time with these shoes.
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December 28, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMoncler outlet

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