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We say goodbye to Kiddieland

DSCN2144 I didn't realize how sad I am that Kiddieland is closing next week until we pulled into the parking lot and I saw the sign. The same sign that welcomed my brother and me for special birthday visits and summer excursions for years and years when we were kids.

Once upon a time, my brother and I clamored for the small Ferris wheel with cages to keep small children safely inside. We rode the carousel. We cranked away on the push-cars. We rode and rode and rode the roller coaster, even if it was (just a little) scary.

Now we were back at Kiddieland just days away from Lil E's birthday, riding many of the same rides I remembered and some new(ish) ones. The long line was not what I remembered but shelling out a small fortune for tickets and hot dogs in stale buns seemed very much the same.

It was all blue skies and sunshine and squeals and just a fabulous day. And because I am the mommy this time around, I did something my parents rarely agreed to -- I splurged on some deliciously warm and fresh cotton candy as we left the park. 

It saddens me that this place that brimming full of simple, memory-making, child-centered fun will soon vanish into thin air, and that the space (as we've heard) will rise up again as one more Costco in a long stretch of suburbia.

We had our day in the sun and now more than every, you will be missed, Kiddieland.

[Lots of photos after the jump.]


TrainDSCN2108Raft DSCN2114Pushcar DSCN2097

DSCN2101 Bumpercars


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Reader Comments (1)

Awesomely adorable pictures...of both of you :)
September 18, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJohnny

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