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Today, for WhyMommy

Today, I will give my boy an extra long good-morning hug, even if he wiggles out of it and even if he doesn't savor the sweetness of the moment like I will.

Today, I will send out warm thoughts to all the inspirational survivors I know, to all the people who have hearts and courage and hope stronger than violence, illness, injury, circumstances way beyond anyone's control. And to those who have safely boarded their flight to the next plane, and the family members they've left to continue their work on this planet.

Today, I will take more than one grateful moment to lift up the blessings and turn away from the challenges.

Today, I will revisit some of the posts and blogs I've admired by women who've chosen to write with rawness and eloquence and sincerity about the truth of their lives, whatever their choices and journeys have been.

Today, I will seek out an opportunity to do or say something kind just because I see the opportunity.

Today, I will call one of the many friends I've been meaning to call but haven't made the time to call but really, really want to call.

Today, I will send all my healing energy to WhyMommy who is on a journey through cancer with more wholeness, grace and honesty than any mother with cancer would ever be expected to have.

I won't ask you to get on board with all of today's to-dos. They are my own personal missions in honor of WhyMommy and in gratitude for the life I have right now, in this moment, at this time, today. But please do join me (and many others) in sending a prayer, a comment, a blessing, a bit of the love you have to give WhyMommy's way as she undergoes a double mastectomy and as she looks toward many tomorrows.

I pray that God holds WhyMommy in the palm of her hand and that all of the goodness sent her way will lift up this amazing writer, mother, wife, woman and give her peace.

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Reader Comments (1)

Thank you for remembering her today.
January 22, 2008 | Unregistered Commentercanape

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