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Wee bit of progress

To all you parents who told me to ride out the two-week period of potty hell with stickers and sweet treats in hand and to whom, in response I teared up, laughed nervously or said,"Oh hell naw" just to think about enduring fourteen freaking days of carrying a limp child to the bathroom, rubbing his back, pretending I didn't care but really caring a lot, calling my mother, drinking heavily once the evil PullUps were safely on (or at least thinking about it...seriously), questioning my judgment and sanity as a mother and a person who can teach smaller people basic life skills to succeed in the world and in social situations where not everyone is holding it or has a little puddle in their pants: I thank you. You were right.

Something clicked. God only knows what it was, but it did indeed click. I am pretty sure it wasn't me and my pleading, reasoning or silly songs about pee. It could have been Bruce's patience of a lion that kept him locked in the bathroom with the boy and a golf magazine. Whatever it was, thank you, Mother of All Toddler Triumphs.

It started out with one teensy little tinkle and a handful of M&Ms, cheers and even a potty dance. From there, things got bigger and better and happier and more confident. Yesterday, Lil E went potty about 8 or 10 times, having only one little accident. And get this, he told us several times he had to go. You can't even imagine what a good day it was for us.

This morning, I asked him if it felt good to wake up knowing he is so good at the potty. And he just nodded this exaggerated nod, eyebrows up, big brown eyes wide and lips pursed together in a little proud kiss.

He got it and he knew he got it. And I, mama with the M&Ms smeared on my chin from kissing him so much, was so proud of my little pottier. So (ahem) relieved just to see the depression and anger and general pissed-offedness simmer away  and see my  crazy little monkey  return, kicking his heels and shaking his  tiny  white booty and pumping his fists into the air.

"Mommy!  I'm so excited to do the potty dance!" and then he sang one of our silly songs back to me, giggling, "Pee pee in the potty! This is how I wee wee! Aren't you proud of me? "

I know it's not over but I am so glad we are sitting right where we are.

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Reader Comments (1)

Rock on Girl!!!! Congratulations on this wonderful mama feat!!! Kudos the Bruce for his cheering and support and a big 'ole M & M filled yea haw to Lil' E. I swear potty training is the hardest thing we've done thus far. Glad it clicked.
July 2, 2007 | Unregistered Commenter2Jmama

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