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Not wireless, but at least walking

Yesterday, we said a sad goodbye to the milfivan. I had one last listen to the Coffee House station and celebrity shuffle show (who knew Nick Rhodes is so into Michael Jackson?) while I transferred the car seat back to my mom's car, gathered up the seeds from a dried and spikey pod Lil E found and delivered to me proudly, and checked under the seat for any precious parking meter quarters I may have dropped or lip gloss I'd be frantically searching for over the course of YEARS before I gave up completely.

While we never mastered the wireless headphones and only spent four soundless minutes with satellite TV on-screen, and while I am not sure I could negotiate who I am and where I am at this point in time with (the few) remaining visions of vandom I have parked in my mind, we had a very nice ride this last week.

Now we are back to sharing cars and arranging rides, which is fine, just a bit more logistical and a tad less technoboombalottie.  It also means that we will unfold the stroller and put those much smaller wheels to the streets as Lil E and I head ten blocks over to our own neighborhood for music class and playgroup and maybe even some time at the park we've been away from these past few weeks.

I have to say, I am looking forward to that walking. I'm not at all inconvenienced -- other than the out-the-door rush to fill up the snack packs and sippy cups and find coats and paci and the baby doll and just a few trucks in case we happen upon some good dirt to scoop and drive in -- by getting out in the open for a while, stretching my legs and not worrying one bit about the sound coming through the headphones.

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Reader Comments (1)

girl you are strong! i'd have bawled like a 2 year old if i had to give that van back!
November 14, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterzoe

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