Jessica Ashley facebook twitter babble voices pinterest is a single mama in the city, super-savvy editor, writer, video host and shameless shoe whore.
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Ready to launch a blog for your brand? To produce whip-smart, engaging content for your website, Facebook page and newletters? 

Is it time to make over the outdated, boring copy your company has let sit online to reach out to new customers, speak more clearly to the loyal clients you have and show off your fabulous products?

Or maybe you are a small brand, an entrepreneur or just getting started and know that the time is now to get your messaging just right. Or you are from a well-established brand and have a committed following but no real plan for how to get and keep those fans excited.

Not to worry. I am here to take over the editorial desk for your brand. As a seasoned, high-level editor with experience at some of the largest, most influential women's lifestyle sites (more details on that below), I will create a comprehensive content strategy for your brand that will work across platforms, from website to newsletter to social networks. I will establish guidelines, set goals and produce content that will be systematic, creative, resourceful and totally on-brand. 

The voice of your brand is important. I will use my gifts at assessing that voice and using it to speak to your customers and potential clients in smart, accessible, cohesive ways that create authentic connections. 


Here’s what great content strategy can do for a brand:

  • Maximize ROI and increase the value of every piece the brand produces
  • Site reviews and comprehensive evaluation of voice over all online platforms
  • Transform a website that is outdated or doesn't represent the brand fully
  • Organized, exciting brainstorming and goal-setting
  • Create a detailed roadmap for all online messaging
  • Blast special messaging for a new campaign or project to generate excitement and engagement
  • Curate and create posts, articles, videos, updates, interviews that is compelling and clickable
  • Recruit, hire, train and develop a staff of talented contributors and brand ambassadors
  • Establish an ambitious, workable, organized editorial calendar 
  • Creative naming for newsletters, online content and special branded features
  • Produce campaign pitches with social influencers
  • Provide editorial oversight of site, staff or campaign. Act as editor-in-chief on temporary or long-term basis
  • Connect sales priorities, product launches, social good campaigns to content for clear, consistent messaging
  • Reach women in real ways that are compelling, connecting and offer return on those relationships

And most importantly:

  • I can help you take control of your content and craft stand-out, engaging posts, videos and updates that are perfectly you, totally organized and on-point for brand.



I am a seasoned, savvy, straightforward content strategist with tons of editorial experience at sites you love and loyally read. 


I will apply the techniques, tricks and strategy I developed as an editor at major women's lifestyle sites and in nurturing smaller sites to your site. I tallied more than 30 million pageviews and 40,000 comments and led channels to the top of ComScore charts in a matter of months. I successfully developed campaign pitches to big brands. And I studied SEO techniques and research with some of the best in the field. I recruited bloggers, built writing staffs and nurtured communities. I believe that great content will always win and I want you to feel that confident in the posts, videos and social engagement of your site, too. I will share my secrets and insights to help you create posts that light up you, your readers and brands you want to work with -- and keep it organized, assigned, on schedule and shining.

Read more details about my professional experience here. 



I will deliver the strategy honed at wide-net sites to your brand to produce content that rivals the big players, hone the voice from headline to closing question, and to still give clients a connection to an expert brand. 

These strategies worked wonders when I joined the small staff of a great women's site with lots of potential but few opportunities for a hungry audience to jump in with comments and questions. By carefully planning content, raising the standards for writers, organizing the assignment process and making the headlines savvier and images prettier, I helped grow the number Facebook fans, comments and syndication opportunities. As a consultant, I show brands and bloggers and website owners how to take what they are already doing and make it tighter, better and more awesome.


If your brand is ready to up the game, to put out savvy and strategic content that really speaks to the best parts of your business, if you do not have the capacity to manage all of this or would love an expert to share how to work smarter with your website, fans, followers and clients, then it is time. 


In Chief custom services include:


  • Tiered service packages to fit your brand and budget priorities
  • Personal attention 
  • Investment in making your site, updates and newsletters work better, smartier and easier for your brand


Are you ready now? I know you are. 

We are going to do amazing work together to build your brand. 

Click here to get your brand started.